There are many different forms of Workplace Disputes, you may have a problem with Unfair Dismissal, Workplace Discrimination, Redundancy, Unfair Termination or Unlawful DIsmissal.

When do you need Specialist assistance?

  • If you are Terminated and you feel this Unfair or Unlawful
  • If you are made Redundant
  • If you feel you are being Discriminated against in the Workplace
  • If you need an Accredited Workplace Lawyer to draw up an Employment Contract
  • If you feel your Dismissal from the Workplace was either Unlawful or Unfair

We know the law and we know what to do if you need help.

Established in the 1850's, Nevett Ford is one Victoria's leading law firms practicing in Workplace Law.

Philip Brewin is the leader of our team of Workplace Lawyers and is an Accredited Specialist by the law Institute of Victoria

We offer a full range of Workplace Relations and Employment Law services.

We understand the complexity of the issues that employees and employers often face.

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